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Day of Action

This past weekend, under the watchful eye of Sue Brogan, United Way hosted a number of volunteers for a Day of Action at AK Child & Family. Tens of volunteers from Rasmuson Foundation, Fairweather LLC, United Way’s Emerging Leaders, and our neighbor Rick Fox and his family supported the agency with their time, equipment, good humor, and can-do attitude. Thanks to their help we were able to expand the vegetable garden that students and staff tend to each year; the number of raised garden beds has close to doubled and will undoubtedly be put to good use during this growing season and others to come. The garden has been a multi-year project and has proven a tremendously therapeutic and educational success thanks not only to donors and volunteers, but also through the ongoing commitment of staff and students.

Sue Brogan of United Way of Anchorage

Getting stuck in to multiple projects the group also put some finishing touches on the children’s playground area which was installed last year and is now almost complete. Our hardy volunteers also distributed several truck loads of donated mulch around the outdoor recreation center making the area a whole lot more visually appealing and easier to maintain. In order to make the main administration building more inviting to visitors, students and families, flowers were planted in our newly renovated flower boxes flanking the entrance pathway.

Some of our younger volunteers working on our outdoor play area.

The projects that were completed through hundreds of people-hours on Saturday are exceedingly valuable to AK Child & Family where resources are heavily targeted toward program, but what many people might overlook are the individualized relationships that are forged. Students worked side by side with staff and volunteers absorbing inter-personal relationship skills, building technical knowledge, and learning the importance of working together, giving back, and in general supporting their communities. It was a pure pleasure witnessing this symbiotic relationship develop and further reminder of the importance of the work conducted here at AK Child & Family.

Jordan Marshall from the Rasmuson Foundation contributed to the Day of Action.

AK Child & Family is always grateful for the financial and volunteer support, hard-work, and dedication from the community and if the number of smiling, happy faces on volunteers was anything to judge by it’s reciprocal: Thank you United Way for coordinating this Day of Action. Thank you to all those who volunteered and supported the agency’s mission with their time; we value the relationships that are developed and welcome your continued support in the future. While this article is intended to highlight the volunteer efforts we’d be remiss if we didn’t also thank all the staff, their families, and students who helped prepare for and welcome our volunteers. Each and everyone who attended the United Way Day of Action on Saturday contributed to making a difference in the life of a troubled child and for that we give thanks!

United Way of Anchorage - Emerging Leaders