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Celebrating Staff Graduation Achievements

Employees at AK Child & Family are highly conscious of the importance of personal and professional development, and for all of us there are plenty of opportunities for learning and growth within the agency. For some this includes working toward any number of educational goals as well.

Each year AK Child & Family supports as much as 10% of the workforce who are continuing their educational aspirations through programs ranging from Associate degrees through Doctoral studies. Whether through financial aid in the form of Higher Educational Support Programs, flexible scheduling and paid time off to accommodate school schedules, or internship opportunities, AK Child & Family values and supports these endeavors.

For many staff starting out in the field of mental health the ability to work and study concurrently really provides an elevated launch pad for future career growth both within and outside the agency. It takes a lot of commitment to work and study to achieve these goals.

We look forward each year to celebrating staff’s achievements as they take to the stage for commencement. This year is no exception as we have close to 10 individuals completing their degrees. Educational Support is a valued benefit at AK Child & Family so we recently looked back over the last decade to estimate just how much financial support and how many employees benefited from the educational support programs: Approximately 60 individuals have participated in the Higher Education Support Program; over 30 have graduated, many of whom continue to work for the agency. In total AK Child & Family has invested over $250,000 in direct financial support. We know that investing in staff is the right thing to do and that children and families benefit as a result of associated increase in knowledge and competencies.

To those who are graduating this semester we would like to say congratulations! For those presently working toward an end goal we say keep up the good work. And to those thinking about seeking a program, returning to complete a program, or pursuing another degree, we wish you all the best as you embark on a journey of educational development.