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Around the Corner & Around the World

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of God’s glory! Isaiah 6:3

Recently I had the honor and privilege of being invited to be the keynote speaker at the American Baptist Churches of Nebraska Mission Festival. Kathy Brown, former Executive Minister of Central Region was my gracious host.

I was awed by the amazing work AB Churches in Nebraska are doing in the name of God! On a local level they are feeding their neighbors, helping young single moms to diaper their babies, providing professional clothing to those interviewing for work, and crossing language and cultural barriers through shared experiences. On an international level, they are creating wells that provide safe drinking water, helping people switch from illegal opium crops to sustainable coffee crops and saving young girls from prostitution. On a national level they are doing mission work at facilities for developmentally different adults, providing safe afterschool programs for children and generously supporting our Spiritual Life program at AK Child & Family.

During my time at the Mission Festival, I heard story after story of sacrificial giving and service; I met many of the people who were God’s hands and feet in these endeavors; and I saw the theme of the Mission Festival manifest: GO, Serve and Make Disciples (Matthew 28:19-21). What a blessing it was to be able to share the AK Child & Family story as a part of the Festival mix!

I am a west coast girl through-and-through (think mountains)! I was inspirited by the rolling hills of Nebraska and marveled that the same God who created soaring peaks also created the hundreds of thousands of Sand Hill cranes that dotted the fields and clouded the sky. I was struck that those majestic birds are the same ones that will show up in Alaska soon and I was reminded of our connection to All. As I toured the countryside, I imagined people in covered wagons setting out for a new life across that land and I thought of the students we serve who are also seeking a new life. I marveled at the miles of fields that produce food for hungry people and I thought about all the ways we work to feed AK Child & Family students; mind, body and spirit.

Truly the whole earth is full of God’s glory! From thousands of miles away, and just around the corner, people are helping us to do the work of healing wounded young people through their time, talents and treasures. Thanks be to God for all near and far who support our mission and answer the call to GO, Serve and Make Disciples.