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Ice Play

Alaska has always challenged residents with extreme variations of climate, maybe never so much as this current winter season. Fortunately we have students and staff with equally extreme resilience and willingness to overcome adverse challenges!

March 2014

The recently renovated and designed ice rink has been a platform for such accomplishments and creative expression. AK Child & Family students and staff have been enjoying the physical exploration of ice time more than ever before. Broomball, skating, ice soccer and hockey have been extremely popular over the last few months. The air, whether cold or warm, has been filled with laughter and energy as young people fly across the frozen surface with ease and grace.

Whether in a Recreation class, individual free time or a cottage group, students and staff have been exploring the positive effects of being outside within the natural elements. When seeking to provide adolescents with therapeutic opportunities, play and physical activity provide a much needed mental break, an opportunity to explore themselves and their limits outside the cottage environment.

March 2014

Alaskans spend a tremendous amount of time indoors, maybe too much. The positive effects of being outside, where the natural elements touch you, cannot be affirmed enough. We are human beings. We live in physical bodies, not our heads. A certain aspect of us demands creative expression with our bodies. That's called play!

Here at AK Child and Family, we do play… On ice!