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Making Connections and Building Relationships

I participated in two job fairs recently and the momentum is just picking up. There is a Mat-Su job Expo on March 11th I will be attending as well as Wayland Baptist University’s Career Enrichment Conference on March 29th.

I look forward to participating in job fairs because of all the new people I get to meet. I get to hear their stories, share my story, and share AK Child & Family’s story, but most of all, I get to connect with other like-minded individuals that have a passion for helping others.

Sometimes those connections are re-connections with past employees, previous clients we have served, or family members of clients. It is refreshing to hear their stories about the progress they have made, what they are doing in their lives now, and to see the way they welcome and seek out the re-connection when they approach our table.

These connections do not always lead to a job application or the hiring of a new employee, but they are still important. Building relationships is a major component to AK Child & Family. We must have strong relationships with each other in order to provide quality care and support to the youth and families in our care. We must also build relationships with our youth and their families in order for them to grow and progress in their treatment. It is also important to build and foster relationships with others in the community: other agencies in town, potential clients, and our future workforce, for example.

Making connections and building relationships are a big part of why we do what we do and how we do what we do.