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Community Role Model Events

The Community Role Model (CRM) Program was created several years ago. After about a 2 year hiatus, we are in the process of restarting the program and we hope to host our next event in February or March.

The CRM program was designed to provide our students with the opportunity to meet and interact with members of the Anchorage or Alaska community who have distinguished themselves through their positive actions, achievements or abilities. These members may be individuals or groups and will include politicians, adventurers, artisans, athletes, scholars, activists, and career professionals.

The CRM program benefits the students by providing positive role modeling of social skills and life skill development including:

• Believing in self.
• Making positive choices.
• Building friendships and healthy relationships.
• Managing frustration and failure.
• Respecting others.
• Overcoming adversity.
• Developing healthy outlets.

The visits last for about an hour and are conducted on approximately the first Wednesday of every month in the late afternoon. If you are interested or know of someone else who might be interested, please contact Rachel Coulter at 348-9294 or use the Contact Us page and select the topic "Human Resources".