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Spring Break with the Recreation and Education Department

The Recreation and Education Department welcomes Mackenzie Morrison-Heath!! We are excited about her energy, experience and her new role as Recreation & Education Assistant! During her second week with us she really hit the ground running. Mackenzie took the lead on some of our programming during Spring Break.

Last week the students got a much deserved respite from the grind of school, and enjoyed a relaxing spring break at the units. The Recreation department worked hard to fill their schedule with plenty of additional programs and leisure recreation activities.

Perhaps the highlight of my week, as the new Recreation and Education Assistant, was bringing board games to the units and doling out a good healthy dose of non-physical game competition. At the Maplewood campus all the units joined as one and battled it out in a fast-paced and very loud round of Pit -- a bartering card game, which requires players to yell out the cards they want to trade. Rounds of Taboo got everyone involved, with staff yelling out answers at times more vigorously than the students, and students laughing so hard there were tears streaming out of their eyes.

The Jesse Lee campus was met with equal amounts of fun. I watched as timid students grew more confident in yelling out answers and truly enjoying this time with their peers. It was great to see students letting out energy and using their loud voices in a positive and oftentimes silly manner. So much of what the students learn and accomplish here at AK Child & Family is serious in nature, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be facilitated in a fun and engaging way.